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Measuring statistics-induced entanglement entropy with a Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometer

Date: 2023-03-14
Time: 10:00
Venue: M830
Speaker: 张谷


Abstract: Despite its ubiquity in quantum computation and quantum information, a universally applicable definition of quantum entanglement remains elusive. The challenge is further accentuated when entanglement is associated with other key themes, e.g., quantum interference and quantum statistics. Here, we introduce two novel motifs that characterize the interplay of entanglement and quantum statistics: an ‘entanglement pointer’ and a ‘statistics-induced entanglement entropy’. The two provide a quantitative description of the statistics-induced entanglement: (i) they are finite only in the presence of quantum entanglement underlined by quantum statistics; (ii) their explicit form depends on the quantum statistics of the particles (e.g., fermions, bosons, anyons). We have experimentally implemented these ideas by employing an electronic Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometer fed by two highly diluted electron beams in an integer quantum Hall platform. Performing measurements of auto-correlation and cross-correlation of current fluctuations of the scattered beams (following ‘collisions’), we quantify the statistics-induced entanglement by experimentally accessing the entanglement pointer and the statistics-induced entanglement entropy. Our theoretical and experimental approaches pave the way to study entanglement in various correlated platforms, e.g., those involving anyonic Abelian and non-Abelian states.

个人简介:张谷博士目前是北京量子科学研究院的一名助理研究员。张博士2018年7月从杜克大学的Harold U. Baranger教授组博士毕业。之后,从2018年9月至2021年7月,张博士在卡尔斯鲁厄工业大学的Igor Gornyi博士以及Alexander Mirlin教授组里面作为一名博后进行工作。从2021年8月开始,张博士在北京量子科学研究院的拓扑计算团队(何珂教授团队)工作至今。在他的学术生涯早期,张博士主要研究低维系统以及介观系统,包括拓扑量子系统,整数以及分数霍尔系统的输运特性和量子相变。最近,张博士主要关注任意子系统的输运特性,并且致力于通过输运特性来研究系统载流子的量子统计以及非平庸拓扑特性。目前为止,张博士发表了15篇同行评审的论文以及5篇预印论文(共13篇一作和通讯文章),其中包括两篇一作和共一的Physical Review Letters,一篇共一的Nature Communications,以及一篇入选Editors’ Suggestion的Physical Review B文章。