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Prospects for achieving room-temperature superconductivity in metal polyhydrides

Date: 2023-05-22
Time: 14:00
Venue: MA505
Speaker: Dmitrii Semenok

北京高压科学研究中心  博士





Pressure-stabilized hydrides are a new rapidly growing class of high-temperature superconductors. The remarkable properties of H3S(TC = 200 K), YH6?9(TC = 224-243 K) and LaH10(TC = 250 K) at 130-200 GPa catalyzed the search for superconductivity in compressed ternary (X,Y)-H polyhydrides that can be obtained by pulsed laser heating of various alloys and intermetallics with hydrogen in diamond anvil cells. In this report I will present results of our recent studies of high-pressure chemistry and superconducting properties of novel ternary (Ca-Y-H, La-Sc-H) and binary (Sc-H, Mg-H) polyhydrides. The main focus of the report will be on ternary metal-hydrogen systems with TC > 250 K.


Dmitrii Semenok, currently holds a postdoc position at the HPSTAR (Beijing). He received his PhD in 2022 from the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Moscow, Russia) under the guidance of Prof. Artem R. Oganov. Since 2018, Dmitrii Semenok has been actively involved in experimental and theoretical studies of the structure and properties of metal polyhydrides in collaboration with Prof. Artem Oganov, Dr. Ivan Troyan and Dr. Xiaoli Huang (Jilin University, China). During 2019-2020, Dmitrii, together with Chinese and Russian colleagues, studied formation of metal superhydrides in the Th-H, Ba-H, Pr-H (Sci Adv 2020), Nd-H (JACS 2020) and Eu-H (JPCL 2020) systems. In the Ba-H system, Dmitrii found one the most hydrogen-rich polyhydride BaH12 (Nat Comm 2020) studied so far, the hydrogen content of which reaches 92%. In 2020-2022, he worked with cerium hydrides CeH9, CeH10 (PRL 2021). It was found that CeH9 goes into a superconducting state at 70 K at a pressure of about 80-85 GPa. In the paper of 2021 (Adv Mat 2021), Dmitrii and his Russian colleagues, were able to synthesize this compound and showed that its critical temperature is significantly lower (~224 K) than the predicted one. Dmitrii’s study of La-Y-H system (Mat Today 2021) was the first experimental work on ternary metal superhydrides in chemistry of compressed hydrides.

邀 请 人:洪 芳 副研究员

联 系 人:王慧颖