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{ Quantum Size Effects on the Perpendicular Upper Critical Field in Ultrathin Lead Films 12.14
{ Kinetically controlled synthesis of triangular and hexagonal nanoplates of Pd and their SPR/SERS properties 12.13
{ Corrosion-based synthesis of single-crystal Pd nanoboxes and nanocages and their surface plasmon properties 12.13
{ Optical properties of Pd-Ag and Pt-Ag nanoboxes synthesized via galvanic replacement reactions 12.13
{ Excitation of Frustrated Translation and Nonadiabatic Adatom Hopping Induced by Inelastic Tunneling 11.24
{ Stable, Reproducible Nanorecording on Rotaxane Thin Films 11.24
{ Route to GaN and VN Assisted by Carbothermal Reduction Process 11.18
{ Sign Changes of Intrinsic Spin Hall Effect in Semiconductors and Simple Metals:First-Principles Calculations 10.31
{ Conductance of an Ensemble of Molecular Wires: A Statistical Analysis 10.21
{ Size-Dependence of Surface Plasmon Resonance and Oxidation for Pd Nanocubes Synthesized via a Seed Etching Process 09.22
{ Gold Nanocages: Engineering Their Structure for Biomedical Applications 09.22
{ Multiple Bosonic Mode Coupling in the Electron Self-Energy of La2-xSrx CuO4 09.15
{ Band structure and oscillatory electron-phonon coupling of Pb thin films determined by atomic-layer-resolved quantum well states 09.13
{ Multichannel Ballistic Transport in Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes 08.17
{ Triangular and Fibonacci Number Patterns Driven by Stress on Core/Shell Microstructures 08.08
{ Negative Refraction and Imaging Using 12-fold-Symmetry Quasicrystals 07.08
{ Dynamic Ad-Dimer Twisting Assisted Nanowire Self-Assembly on Si(001) 06.13
{ “Work-Hardenable”Ductile Bulk Metallic Glass 05.26
{ Amorphous Metallic Plastic  05.25
{ Fluorination and Electrical Conductivity of BN Nanotubes 05.18
{ The histone octamer influences the wrapping direction of DNA on it: Brownian dynamics simulation of the nucleosome chirality 05.17
{ Brownian dynamics simulation of nucleosome formation and disruption under stretching 05.17
{ Solid-State Composite Electrolyte LiI/3-Hydroxypropionitrile/SiO2 for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells 05.17
{ Synthesis and optical properties of nanorattles and multiple-walled nanoshells/nanotubes made of metal alloys 05.16
{ Gold nanocages: Bioconjugation and their potential use as optical imaging contrast agents 05.16
{ Monodispersed spherical colloids of Se@CdSe: Synthesis and use as building blocks in fabricating photonic crystals 05.16
{ Geometric Phase for Adiabatic Evolutions of General Quantum States 05.12
{ Fracture of Brittle Metallic Glasses: Brittleness or Plasticity 04.07
{ Bonding Configurations and Collective Patterns of Ge Atoms Adsorbed on Si 111 - 7 7  04.07
{ Initial Stages of Ti Growth on Diamond (100) Surfaces: From Single Adatom Diffusion to QuantumWire Formation 03.16
{ Emission of Electromagnetic Pulses from LaserWakefields through Linear Mode Conversion 03.14
{ Terahertz radiation from the vacuum-plasma interface driven by ultrashort intense laser pulses 03.14
{ Dynamics of a Bright Soliton in Bose-Einstein Condensates with Time-Dependent Atomic Scattering Length in an Expulsive Parabolic Potential 02.24
{ Third Conference of the Asian Consortium for Computational Materials Science (ACCMS-3)