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{ Origin of the Spin DensityWave Instability in AFe2As2 (A = Ba, Sr) as Revealed by Optical Spectroscopy 12.19
{ Path Integral Treatment of Proton Transport Processes in BaZrO3 12.16
{ Constructing an Array of Anchored Single-Molecule Rotors on Gold Surfaces 11.27
{ Converting Meallic Singl-Walled Carbon Nanotubes into Semiconductors by Boron/Nitrogen Co-doping 11.24
{ nanowires for flexible electronics 11.17
{ Strain Induced Dewetting of a Molecular System: Bimodal Growth of PTCDA on NaCl 11.14
{ Probing Superexchange Interaction in Molecular Magnets by Spin-Flip Spectroscopy and Microscopy 11.12
{ Managing light polarization via plasmon¨Cmolecule interactions within an asymmetric metal nanoparticle trimer 11.07
{ S urface Energy and Surface Proton Order of Ice Ih 11.07
{ Irreducible Multiparty Correlations in Quantum States without Maximal Rank 11.04
{ Superconducting Properties of the Fe-Based Layered Superconductor LaFeAsO0.9F0.1-¦Ä 11.03
{ Disorder-Induced Enhancement of Transport through Graphene p-n Junctions 10.27
{ Phase Diagram of NaxCoO2 Studied By Gutzwiller Density-Functional Theory 10.14
{ Even Parity, Orbital Singlet, and Spin Triplet Pairing for Superconducting LaFeAsO1-xFx 10.14
{ Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in Hg1-yMnyTe QuantumWells 10.14
{ Near- Complete Absorption of Intense, Ultrashort Laser Light by Sub-¦Ë Gratings 10.14
{ Fully Band-Resolved Scattering Rate in MgB2 Revealed by the Nonlinear Hall Effect and Magnetoresistance Measurements 10.10
{ Synthesis and Solid-State NMR Structural Characterization of 13C-Labeled Graphite Oxide 10.10
{ Highly conducting graphene sheets and Langmuir-Blodgett films 10.06
{ High-pressure synthesis of the cubic perovskite BaRuO3 and evolution of ferromagnetism in ARuO3 (A = Ca, Sr, Ba) ruthenates 09.01
{ Rapidly Infrared-Assisted Cooperatively Self-Assembled Highly Ordered Multiscale Porous Materials 08.01
{ High Energy Dispersion Relations for the High Temperature Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 Superconductor from Laser-Based Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy 07.21
{ Aqueous Noncovalent Functionalization and Controlled Near-Surface Carbon Doping of Multiwalled Boron Nitride Nanotubes 07.09
{ Dynamical Creation of Fractionalized Vortices and Vortex Lattices 07.04
{ Superconductivity at 41 K and Its Competition with Spin-Density-Wave Instability in Layered CeO1 -xFxFeAs 07.02
{ Quantum Size Effect Directed Selective Self-Assembling of Cobalt Phthalocyanine on Pb(111) Thin Films 06.25
{ Calcium as the Superior Coating Metal in Functionalization of Carbon Fullerenes for High-Capacity Hydrogen Storage 06.19
{ ALL-OPTIONCAL SWITCHING Single-photon powe 06.17
{ High- Resolution Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy of Magnetic Impurity Induced Bound States in the Superconducting Gap of Pb Thin Films 06.13
{ Spin-Transfer Torques in Antiferromagnetic Metals from First Principles 06.04
{ Plasma Currents and Electron Distribution Functions under a dc Electric Field of Arbitrary Strength 05.13
{ Disorder Scattering in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions: Theory of Nonequilibrium Vertex Correction 04.28
{ Generating High-Current Monoenergetic Proton Beams by a Circularly Polarized Laser Pulse in the Phase-Stable Acceleration Regime 04.15
{ Superconductivity at 25K in hole-doped (La1- xSrx)Sr)OFeAs  04.06

Identification of a New Form of Electron Coupling in the Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 Superconductor by Laser-Based Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy 04.02


Study of X-Ray Emission Enhancement via a High-Contrast Femtosecond Laser Interacting with a Solid Foil 03.14

{ Temperature Oscillations in a Compartmentalized Bidisperse Granular Gas  03.10
{ Two- Speed Phase Dynamics in the Si(111)(7X7)-(1X1) Phase Transition  02.26
{ Rigorous Solution of the Spin-1 Quantum Ising Model with Single-Ion Anisotropy    02.19
{ An all-metallic logic gate based on current-driven domain wall motion  02.04
{ White light-emitting diodes based on a single InGaN emission layer    01.28
{ Self-Assembled Triangular and Labyrinth Buckling Patterns of Thin Films on Spherical Substrates    01.24
{ Bond-Counting Rule for Carbon and its Application to the Roughness of Diamond (001)    01.17