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A CoOx/carbon double-layer thin film air electrode fornonaqueous Li-air batteries
Amorphous silicon-carbon nanospheres synthesized by chemicalvapor deposition using cheap methyltrichlorosilane as improved anode materialsfor Li-ion batteries
Anisotropic magnetoresistance and planar Hall effect in La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 thin films with misfit strain
Bloch law for ferromagnetic nanotubes
Butterfly-shaped multiferroic BiFeO3@BaTiO3 core–shell nanotubes: the interesting structural, multiferroic, and optical properties
Controlling Adsorption Structure of Eosin Y Dye on NanocrystallineTiO2 Films for Improved Photovoltaic Performances
CuNNi3: a new nitride superconductor with antiperovskite structure
Defect Thermodynamics and Diffusion Mechanisms in Li2CO3 andImplications for the Solid Electrolyte Interphase in Li-Ion Batteries
Density waves inone-dimensional granular flows driven by non-uniform force field
Detecting Larmor Precession of a Single Spin with a Spin-Polarized TunnelingCurrent
DNA Translocation through Hydrophilic Nanopore in Hexagonal Boron Nitride
Effect of interfacial structures on anomalous Hall behavior in perpendicular Co/Pt multilayers
Electric control of magnetism in a multiferroic metal–organic framework
Electrochemical performances and volume variation ofnano-textured silicon thin films as anodes for lithium-ion batteries
Experimental observationof quasi-static avalanche process of a granular pile
External electric field effects on electronic and magnetic properties at molecule-metal interfaces: Cu-phthalocyanine adsorbed on Fe(001) surface
Extraordinary hall balance
Fabrication and magnetic properties of La-X (X 5 Co, Ni, and Fe) nanotube arrays prepared by electrodeposition methods
Ferroelectric-domain-controlled magnetic anisotropy in Co40Fe40B20/YMnO3 multiferroic heterostructure
Giant exchange bias in a single-phase magnet with two magnetic sublattices
Graphite microspheres decorated with Si particles derivedfrom waste solid of organosilane industry as high capacity anodes for Li-ionbatteries
Growth of silicon/carbon microrods on graphite microspheresas improved anodes for lithium-ion batteries
Highly Ordered Mesoporous Crystalline MoSe 2 Materialwith Effi cient Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalytic Activityand Enhanced Lithium Storage Performance
Improved electrochemical properties of MnO thin film anodesby elevated deposition temperatures: Study of conversion reactions
In situ tracing of atom migration in Pt/NiPt hollow spheres during catalysis of CO oxidation†
Large magnetoresistance of paracyclophane-based molecular tunnel junctions: A first-principles study
Magnetization reversal and enhanced tunnel magnetoresistance ratio in perpendicular magnetic tunnel junctions based on exchange spring electrodes
Magnetoelectric coupling in the paramagnetic state of a metal-organic framework
MgO(001) barrier based magnetic tunnel junctions and their device applications
MgO-Based Double Barrier Magnetic Tunnel Junctions With Synthetic Antiferromagnetic Free Layer
Molten salt electrolyte based on alkalibis(fluorosulfonyl)imides for lithium batteries
Nanotube wall thickness dependent magnetization reversal properties of NiFe nanotubes
Novel multiferroic Bi2Fe4O9 nanoparticles: the interesting optical, photocatalytic, and multiferroic properties
Optical conductivity of Ba0.6K0.4Fe2As2: The effect of in-plane and out-of-plane doping in the superconducting gap
Organic-ferromagnetic hetero-structures with spin transport properties and fundamental physical effects
Origin of Shape Resonance in second-Harmonic Generation from Metallic Nanohole Arrays
Piezoelectric enhancement of giant magnetoresistance in spin-valves with different magnetic anisotropies
Piezoelectric manipulation of Co/CoO exchange-bias bilayer system at low-temperature
Resonance Raman spectroscopy of G-line and folded phonons in twistedbilayer graphene with large rotation angles
Segregation in mixtures of granular chains and spherical grains under vertical vibration
Symmetry breaking induced anti-resonance in three dimensional subdiffraction semiconducting grating
Temperature-dependent lithium storage behavior in tetragonalboron (B-50) thin film anode for Li-ion batteries
The evaporation of silicone oil in electrorheological fluids
Tunneling processes in asymmetric double barrier magnetic tunnel junctions with a thin top MgO layer
Two-Phase Electrochemical Lithiation in Amorphous Silicon
Ultrahigh Anomalous Hall Sensitivity in Co/Pt Multilayers by Interfacial Modification
Visualization of a Maze-Like Reconstruction of Graphene on a Copper Surface atthe Atomic Scale
 A study on surface symmetry and interfacial enhancement of SrTiO3 by second harmonic generation
 Band engineering of Cu2+ doped In2xZn3(1-x)S3 solid solution with highphotocatalytic activity for H-2 production under visible light. 
 First principles design of dye molecules with ullazine donor for dye sensitized solar cells
 Regulating energy transfer of excited carriers and the case for excitation-induced hydrogen dissociation on hydrogenated graphene
 Simple Method for Manufacturing Pt Counter Electrodes onConductive Plastic Substrates for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
 Structural perspectives on the elastic and mechanical properties of metallic glasses
 Structural stability and Raman scattering of CoPt and NiPt hollow nano spheres under high pressure
 The potential of eutectic mixtures as environmentally friendly,solvent-free electrolytes for dye-sensitized solar cells
(La1-xBax)(Zn1-xMnx)AsO: A two-dimensional 1111-type diluted magnetic semiconductor in bulk form
4H-SiC: a new nonlinear material for midinfrared lasers
4H-SiC: A new nonlinear material for mid-infraredLasers
A comparison of the field emission characteristics of vertically aligned graphene sheets grown on di
A connection between the structural a-relaxation and the b-relaxation found in bulk metallic glass-formers
A double-threshold technique for fast time-correspondence imaging
A dynamical model of programmed - 1 ribosomal frameshifting
A Facile Method to Fabricate Ultrathin Vertical ZnO Nanowall Arrays
A ferroelectric-like structural transition in a metal
A High Performance In0.7Ga0.3As MOSFET with an InP Barrier Layer for Radio-Frequency Application
A high-mobility two-dimensional electron gas at the spinel/perovskite interface of c-Al2O3/SrTiO3
A high-mobility two-dimensional electron gas at the spinel/perovskite interface of c-Al2O3/SrTiO3
A measuring system for mechanicalcharacterization of thin films based on acompact in situ micro-tensile tester and SEM moir´e method
A new angle-resolved proton energy spectrometer
A new class of Solvent-in-Salt electrolyte for high-energy rechargeable metallic lithium batteries
A new spin gapless semiconductors family: Quaternary Heusler compounds
A new-type dynamic SERS method for ultrasensitive detection
A novel wavelength-adjusting method in InGaN-based light-emitting diodes
A novelnoble metal-free ZnS-WS2/CdS composite photocatalyst for H-2 evolution undervisible light irradiation
A quasi-phase perspective on flow units of glass transition and plastic flow in metallic glasses
A rapid and scalable strategy to high quality inverse opaltin dioxide porous films
A Repeated Halving Approach to Fabricate Ultrathin Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Films for Transparent Supercapacitors
A self-similar transformation for a dodecagonalquasiperiodic covering with T-clusters
A Short Review of the $S_4$ Symmetric Microscopic Model for Iron-Based High Temperature Superconductors
A Single Cluster Covering for Dodecagonal Quasiperiodic Ship Tiling
A Size-Dependent Sodium Storage Mechanism in L(i)4Ti(5)O(12) Investigated by,a Novel Characterization Technique Combining in Situ X-ray Diffraction and Chemical Sodiation
A training effect on electrical properties in nanoscale BiFeO3
A trilayer process for the fabrication of Al phase qubits
A VHF band HTS filter based on modified single-spiral resonatorsfor radio astronomy application
A Wide Spaced Femtosecond Ti:Sapphire Frequency Combat 15 GHz by a Fabry-Perot Filter Cavity
A zero-strain layered metal oxide as the negative electrode for long-life sodium-ion batteries
Abnormal magnetic behaviors induced by the antisite phase boundary in La2NiMnO6
Accelerationof the Stochastic Analytic Continuation Method via an Orthogonal PolynomialRepresentation of the Spectral Function
Accurate ab initio-based adiabatic global potential energy surface for the 22A″ state of NH2 by extrapolation to the complete basis set limit
Accurate Double Many-Body Expansion Potential Energy Surface by Extrapolation to the Complete Basis Set Limit and Dynamics Calculations for Ground State of NH2
Acompact high temperature superconducting bandpass filter for integration with aJosephson mixer
Activated vibrational modes and Fermi resonance in tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Adsorption and diffusion of lithium on layered silicon for Li-ion storage
Adsorption and dissociation of oxygen molecules on Si(111)-(7×7) surface
Al-doping-induced magnetocapacitance in the multiferroic CuCrS2
Alkanethiol-functionalized terahertz metamaterial as label-free, highly-sensitive and specific biosensor
Alkanethiol-functionalized terahertz metamaterial as label-free, highly-sensitive and specific biosensor
All-analytical semiclassical theory of spaser performance in a plasmonic nanocavity
An All-Optical Diode Based on Plasmonic Attenuation and Nonlinear Frequency Conversion
An FeF3 center dot 0.5H(2)O Polytype: A Microporous Framework Compound with Intersecting Tunnels for Li and Na Batteries
An innovative way of etching MoS2: Characterization and mechanistic investigation
Anelasticity-induced increase of the Al-centered local symmetry in the metallic glass La50Ni15Al35
Angle-resolved photoemission observation of isotropic superconducting gaps in isovalent Ru-substituted Ba(Fe0.75Ru0.25)2As2 
Anisotropic but Nodeless Superconducting Gap in the Presence of Spin-Density Wave in Iron-Pnictide Superconductor NaFe1xCoxAs
Anisotropicmagnetoresistance and planar Hall effect in La2/3Ca1/3MnO3thin films with misfit strain
Annealing Effects of Ti/Au Contact on N-MgZnO/P-Si Ultraviolet-B Photodetectors
Annular Fast Electron Transport in Silicon Arising from Low-Temperature Resistivity
Anomalous Behavior of Low Temperature Specific Heat in HgCr2Se4
Anomalous perovskite PbRuO3 stabilized under high pressure
Anomalous phase relations of quantum size effects in ultrathin Pb films on Si(111)
Anomalous transport of light in photonic crystal
AnomalousHall effect in heavy electron materials
Asymmetric Silver “Nanocarrot” Structures: Solution Synthesis and Their Asymmetric Plasmonic Resonances
Atomic and electronic structure of Ni-Nb metallic glasses
Atomic and electronic structures of single-layer FeSe on SrTiO3(001): The role of oxygen deficiency
Atomic scale modeling of vicinal surface growth from melts using the phase-field crystal method
Atomic Structure of Li 2MnO 3after Partial Delithiation and Re-Lithiation MnO 3after Partial Delithiation and Re-Lithiation MnO 3after Partial Delithiation and Re-Lithiation 
Atomicand electronic structure of Ni-Nb metallic glasses
Au@Pd core–shell nanocubes with finely-controlled sizes
Aunique Ka-band measurement system based on quasi-optical dielectric resonatortechnology for studying small superconducting samples
Avoided Quantum Criticality and Magnetoelastic Coupling in BaFe2xNixAs2
Bi2Te3 拓扑绝缘体表面颗粒化铅膜诱导的超导邻近效应
Bright betatron X-ray radiation from a laser-driven-clustering gas target
Bright betatron X-rayradiation from a laser-driven-clustering gas target. 
Broadband antireflection on silicon surface realized by Ag  nanoparticle-patterned black silicon
Buckled Silicene Formation on Ir(111)
Carbon nanofibers with radially grown graphene sheets derived from electrospinning for aqueous supercapacitors with high working voltage and energy density
Carbon-based spintronics
Carrier Recombination–Incited Substrate Vibrations AfterPulsed UV-Laser Photolysis of TiO2 Thin Single-Crystal Plateand Nanoparticle Films
Carrier-envelope-phase effect in a long laser pulse with tens ofoptical cycles
Characteristics of different types of filaments in resistive switching memories investigated by complex impedance spectroscopy
Characterization of flow units in metallic glass through density variation
Characterization of flow units in metallic glass through structural relaxations
Charge density wave transition in Na2Ti2Sb2O probed by 23Na NMR
Charge Disproportionation Induced Exchange Bias in La0.5Ca0.5FeO3-δ
Chemical influence on β relaxations and formation of molecule-like metallic glasses
Chiral f -wave topological superfluid in triangular optical lattices
Chiralf-wave topological superfluid in triangular optical lattices
Close relationship between superconductivity and the bosonic mode in Ba0.6K0.4Fe2As2 and Na(Fe0.975Co0.025)As
CO Self-Promoting Oxidation on Nanosized Gold Clusters: Triangular Au3Active Site and CO Induced O–O Scission 
Coaxial NixCo2x(OH)(6x)/TiN Nanotube Arrays as Supercapacitor Electrodes
Coexistence of Two Sharp-Mode Couplings and their Unusual Momentum Dependence in the Superconducting State of Bi_{2}Sr_{2}CaCu_{2}O_{8+δ} Revealed by Laser-Based Angle-Resolved Photoemission
Coherent photon interference elimination and spectral correction in femtosecond timeresolved fluorescence non-collinear optical parametric amplification spectroscopy
Collective modes of spin-orbit-coupled Fermi gases in the repulsive regime
Collimated quasi-monoenergetic electron beam generation from intense laser solid interaction
Collisional effects on the relativistic current-filamentation instability in dense plasmas
Comparison of toroidicity-induced Alfven eigenmodes and energetic particle modes by gyrokinetic particle simulations
Comparison study of gold nanohexapods, nanorods, and nanocages for photothermal cancer treatment
Competition between quantum correlations in the quantum-memory-assisted entropic uncertainty relation
Compositional evolution of the anti-phase stripe superstructure in Bi2Sr2-xLaxCuO6 (0 < x ≤1.1) revealed by transmission electron microscopy
Compositional evolution of theanti-phase stripe superstructure inBi2Sr2-xLaxCuO6 (0 < x <1.1) revealedby transmission electron microscopy
Confocal microphotoluminescence mapping of coupled and detuned states in photonic molecules
Constant-volume heat capacity at glass transition
Constructing positive maps from block matrices
Contribution of Interlayer Hybridization to the Electronic Structure in Iron Pnictides: A Study of EELS and First-Principle Calculations
Controllable synthesis of single-, double- and triple-walled carbon nanotubes from asphalt
Controllable Two-Stage Droplet Evaporation Method and Its Nanoparticle Self-Assembly Mechanism
Controlled synthesis of non-epitaxially grown Pd@Ag core–shell nanocrystals of interesting optical performance
ControlledSynthesis of Large-Scale, Uniform, Vertically Standing Graphene forHigh-Performance Field Emitters
Controlling Adsorption Structure of Eosin Y Dye on Nanocrystalline TiO2 Films for Improved Photovoltaic Performances
Controlof Superhydrophilic and Superhydrophobic Graphene Interface
Copper doped TiO2 nanoparticles characterized by X-rayabsorption spectroscopy, total scattering, and powder diffraction - a benchmarkstructure-property study.
Core-shell Structured Sr0.88Y0.08TiO3-Ce0.8Sm0.2O1.9 Composite as an Anode for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Operating with CH4
CorrelatedTopological Insulators with Mixed Valence
Correlation between structural relaxation and connectivity of icosahedral clusters in CuZr metallic glass-forming liquids
Criterion for remote clock synchronization with Heisenberg-scaling accuracy
Critical and Gaussian conductivity fluctuations in a BaFe1.9Ni0.1As2 superconductor
Crossover from stochastic activation to cooperative motions of shear transformation zones in metallic glasses
Crossover of magnetoresistance in the zero-gap half-metallic Heusler alloy Fe2CoSi
Crucial role played by interface and oxygen content in magnetic properties of ultrathin manganite films
Crystal structures of two novel borate compounds MgInBO4 and MgIn7/8B7/8O29/8
CSNS 退耦合液氢慢化器中子物理-热工耦合模拟
Cu/Te Substitution Effects on Superconductivity and Microstructure of Phase-Separated K0.8Fe1.75Se2
Current Density-Sensitive Welding of a Semiconductor Nanowire to a Metal Electrode
Current-induced anisotropic memory effect in La5/8-yPryCa3/8MnO3 (y=0.43) thin filmthin film
d+id' Chiral Superconductivity in Bilayer Silicene
Deep-Ultraviolet Nonlinear Optical Materials: Na2Be4B4O11and LiNa5Be12B12O33
Demonstration of surface transport in a hybrid Bi2Se3/Bi2Te3 heterostructure
Dense Attosecond Electron Sheets from LaserWakefields Using an Up-Ramp Density Transition
Design and fabrication of a diffractive optical element as a spectrum-splitting solar concentrator for lateral multijunction solar cells
Design of a polarization insensitive multiband terahertz metamaterial absorber
Design of an air-slot mode-gap nanocavity in a two dimensional photonic crystal slab
Design of high-Q silicon-polymer hybrid photonic crystal nanobeam microcavities for low-power and ultrafast all-optical switching
Designof an S-Band HTS Filter With High Power Capability
Detection of domain wall distribution and nucleation in ferromagnetic nanocontact structures by magnetic force microscopy
Determination of magnetic anisotropy constants in Fe ultrathin film on vicinal Si(111) by anisotropic magnetoresistance
Determination of Midgap State Energy Levels of an Anatase TiO2Nanocrystal Film by Nanosecond Transient Infrared Absorption −Excitation Energy Scanning Spectra
Determining polarity and dislocation core structures at atomic level for epitaxial AlN/(0001)6H-SiC from a single image in HRTEM
Developmentof an L-Band HTS Duplexer Sub-system with Novel Stepped Impedance Resonators
Dielectric and insulating properties of SrTiO3/Si heterostructure controlled by cation concentration
Diluted ferromagnetic semiconductor (LaCa)(ZnMn)SbO isostructural to “1111” type iron pnictide superconductors
Diluted ferromagnetic semiconductor Li(Zn,Mn)P with decoupled charge and spin doping
Diode-pumped 88-fs Kerr-lens mode-locked Yb:Y3Ga5O12 crystal laser
Direct atomic-scale confirmation of three-phase storage mechanism in Li4Ti5O12 anodes for room-temperature sodium-ion batteries
Direct imaging of the distortions of MnO6 octahedra in La0.4Ca2.6Mn2O7
Direct Measurement of Sequential Folding Pathway and Energy Landscape of Human Telomeric G‑quadruplex Structures
Direct Measurement of Sequential Folding Pathway and EnergyLandscape of Human Telomeric G‑quadruplex Structures
Direct Observation of Multiferroic Vortex Domains in YMnO3
Direct observation of ultrafast surface transport of laser-driven fast electrons in a solid target
Disappearance of nodal gap across theinsulator–superconductor transitionin a copper-oxide superconductor
Distinguishing s± and s++ electron pairing symmetries by neutron spin resonance in superconducting NaFe0.935Co0.045As
Does the orbit-averaged theory require a scale separation between periodic orbit size and perturbation correlation length?
Dopant clustering, electronic inhomogeneity, and vortex pinning in iron-based superconductors
Doping dependence of spin excitations and its correlations with high-temperature superconductivity in iron pnictides
Doping Evolution of Nodal Band Renormalization in Bi2Sr2CuO6 Superconductor Revealed by Laser-Based Angle-ResolvedPhotoemission Spectroscopy
Dual roles of quantum discord in a nondemolition probing task
Dual-band MgZnO ultraviolet photodetector integrated with Si
Dual-band MgZnO ultraviolet pohotodetector integrated with Si
Dynamic stabilization of ionization for an atomirradiated by high-frequency laser pulses studied with the Bohmian-trajectoryscheme
Dynamics of DNA polymerase I (Klenow fragment) under external force
Dynamics of Forward and Backward Translocation of mRNA in the Ribosome
Dynamics of tRNA occupancy and dissociation during translation by the ribosome
Effect of a Highly Metallic Surface State on the Magneto-Transport Properties of Single Crystal Bi Films
Effect of 6H-SiC (11¯20) substrate on epitaxial graphene revealedby Raman scattering
Effect of InGaN “continuously graded” buffer layer on InGaN epilayer grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Effect of inhomogeneity and plasmons on terahertz radiation fromGaAs (1 0 0) surface coated with rough Au film
Effect of inhomogeneity and plasmons on terahertz radiation fromGaAs(100) surface coated with rough Au film
Effect of local structures on structural evolution during crystallization in undercooled metallic glass-forming liquids
Effect of Low-Pass Filtering in Force Calibration of Magnetic Tweezers
Effect of Ni doping on the catalytic properties of nanostructured peony‐like CeO2
Effect of Sn Additions on the Damage Tolerance of a ZrCuNiAl Bulk Metallic Glass
Effect of supra-molecular microstructures on the adhesion of SWCNT fiber/iPP interface
Effect of the thickness of BiFeO3 layers on the magnetic and electric properties of BiFeO3/La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 heterostructures
Effect of the thickness of BiFeO3 layers on the magnetic and electric properties of BiFeO3/La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 heterostructures
Effects of Co and Mn doping in K0.8Fe2-ySe2 revisited
Effects of driving laser jitter on the attosecondstreaking measurement
Effects of Interfacial Fluorination on Performance Enhancement of High-k-Based Charge Trap Flash Memory
Effects of interstitial H and/or C atoms on the magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of La(Fe, Si)13-based compounds
Efficient amplification of a femtosecond Ti:sapphire laser with a ring regenerative amplifier
Efficient solar water-splitting using a nanocrystalline CoO photocatalyst
Electric field dependence of the spin relaxation anisotropy in (111) GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells
Electric field gradient quadrupole Raman modes observed in plasmon-driven catalytic reactions revealed by HV-TERS
Electrical properties and thermal stability of Pd-doped copper nitride films
Electrical properties of thermoelectric cobalt Ca3Co4O9 epitaxial heterostructures
Electrical source of surface plasmon polaritons based on hybrid Au–GaAs QW structures
Electrochemical performances and volume variation of nano-textured silicon thin films as anodes for lithium-ion batteries
Electrode effect on high-detectivity ultraviolet photodetectorsbased on perovskite oxides
Electron spin studies of nitrogen vacancy centers in nanodiamonds
Electron doping evolution of the magnetic excitations in BaFe2−xNixAs2
Electron mobility in the linear region of an AlGaN/AlN/GaN heterostructure field-effect transistor
Electronic Band Structure of BaCo2As2: A Fully Doped Ferropnictide Analog with Reduced Electronic Correlations 
Electronic structure and magnetic and optical properties of double perovskite Bi2FeCrO6 from first-principles investigation
Electronic structures and structural phase transition mechanism of Sr2MgWO6 from first-principles calculations
Electronic transport and photovoltaic properties in Bi2Sr2Co2Oy epitaxial heterostructures
Electronic transport and photovoltaic properties in Bi2Sr2Co2Oy epitaxial heterostructures
Electronic transport properties of graphene nanoribbon arrays fabricated by unzipping aligned nanotubes
Electronic transport properties of graphene nanoribbon arrays fabricatedby unzipping aligned nanotubes
Electron-Phonon Coupling on the Surface of Topological Insulators
Electro-photo double modulation on the resistive switching behavior and switchable photoelectric effect in BiFeO3 films
Electrospinning La0.8Sr0.2Co0.2Fe0.8O3-δ tubes impregnated with Ce0.8Gd0.2O1.9 nanoparticles for an intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell cathode
Electrospinning La0.8Sr0.2Co0.2Fe0.8O3Ld tubes impregnated with Ce0.8Gd0.2O1.9 nanoparticles for an intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell cathode
Electrostatic assembly of mesoporous Li4Ti5O12/graphene hybrid as high-rate anode materials
Electrostatic field effects on three-dimensional topological insulators
Elimination of the Schottky Barrier at an Au-ZnSe Nanowire Nanocontact via in Situ Joule Heating
Energetics and kinetics of direct phase conversion from graphite to diamond
Energy Splitting and optical activation of triplet excitons in zigzag-edged graphene nanoribbons
Engineering nano-composite Li4Ti5O12 anodes via scanning electron-probe fabrication
Engineering of optically defect free Cu2O enabling exciton luminescence at room temperature
Enhanced Performance in Perovskite Organic Lead Iodide Heterojunction SolarCells with Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Back Contact
Entangling power in deterministic quantum computation with one qubit
Epitaxial growth of single-domain graphene on hexagonal boron nitride
Evidence forBerezinskii–Kosterlitz–Thouless transitioninatomically flat two-dimensionalPbsuperconducting films
Evolution from a Nodeless Gap to dx2-y2 -Wave inUnderdoped La2-xSrxCuO4 
Evolution of structural and dynamic heterogeneities and activation energy distribution of deformation units in metallic glass
Exact blocking formulas for spin and gauge models
Exceeding natural resonance frequency limit of monodisperse Fe3O4 nanoparticles via superparamagnetic relaxation
Excess heat capacity in glass-forming liquid systems containing molecules
Exciton correlations and input-output relations in non-equilibrium exciton superfluids
Experimental identification of p-type conduction in fluoridized boron nitride nanotube
Experimental Investigation of the Electronic Structure of Ca0.83La0.17Fe2As2 
Experimental Observation of the Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in a Magnetic Topological Insulator
Experimental Observation ofthe Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in a Magnetic Topological Insulator
Experimental proof of universal conductance fluctuation in quasi-one-dimensional epitaxial Bi2Se3 wires
Exploring FeSe-based superconductors by liquid ammonia method
External Electric Field-Dependent Photoinduced Charge Transfer in a Donor −Acceptor System for an Organic Solar Cell
Fabrication and characterization of graphene derived from SiC
Fabrication and UV-sensing properties of one-dimensionalb-Ga2O3nanomaterials
Fabrication of indium tin oxide bump/pit structures on GaN-based light emitting diodes
Fabrication of Nb/Al2O3/Nb Josephson junctions using in situ magnetron sputtering and atomic layer deposition
Fabrication of rhenium Josephson junctions
Fabrication of vertically aligned graphene sheets on SiCsubstrates
Fabrication, spectral andlaser performance of 5 at.% Yb3+ doped (La0.10Y0.90)2O3transparent ceramic
Fabricationof Al/AlOx/Al Josephson junctions and superconducting quantum circuits byshadow evaporation and a dynamic oxidation process
Facile Synthesis of Large-Area Ultrathin Hexagonal BN Films via Self-Limiting Growth at the Molten B2O3 Surface
Facile synthesis of multiwalled carbon nanotube–LiV3O8nanocompositesas cathode materials for Li-ion batteries
Fano resonances in metallic grating coupled whispering gallery mode resonator
Fermi Surface and Band Structure of (Ca,La)FeAs2 Superconductor from Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy
Fermi Surface and Band Structure of (Ca,La)FeAs2 Superconductor fromAngle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy
Ferroelectric annular domains in hexagonal manganites
Ferroelectric polarization switching kinetics process in Bi0.9La0.1FeO3 films
Ferroelectric-domain-controlled magnetic anisotropy in Co40Fe40B20/YMnO3 multiferroic heterostructure
Ferromagnetic antiphase domain boundary in Mn-doped hexagonal BaTiO3 multiferroics
Ferromagnetic structures in Mn2CoGa and Mn2CoAl doped by Co, Cu, V, and Ti
Ferromagnetic to antiferromagnetic transition of one-dimensional spinor Bose gases with spin-orbit coupling
Field- and temperature-induced evolution of the magnetocaloric effect in Ba0.3Sr1.7Co2Fe12O22 single crystals with heliconical magnetism
Field-inducedinsulator–metal–insulator transitions in low-energy H2 ion-irradiated epitaxialLa2/3Ca1/3MnO3 thin films
Filaments in high-speed counter-streaming plasma interactions driven by high-power laser pulses
Finite-field calculation of the polarizabilities and hyperpolarizabilities of Al+
First-Principles Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Atmospherically Relevant Anion Solvation in Supercooled Water Droplet
First-principles study of point defects in solar cell semiconductor CuI
Flowerlike Co3O4 microspheres loaded with copper nanoparticle as an efficient bifunctional catalyst for lithium–air batteries
Flowerlike Co3O4 microspheres loaded with copper nanoparticle as an efficient bifunctional catalyst for lithium–air batteries
Formation mechanism of Type 2 micropipe defects in 4H–SiC crystals
Formation of dark state in coupled atomic-molecular Bose–Einstein condensates with an external potential
Formation of the density wave energy gap in Na_2Ti_2Sb_2O: An optical spectroscopy study
Fractional Topological States of Dipolar Fermions in One-Dimensional Optical Superlattices
From magnetically doped topological insulator to the quantum anomalous Hall effect
Gate control of the electron spin-diffusion length in semiconductor quantum wells 
Generation and Measurement of Isolated 160-AttosecondXUV Laser Pulses at 82 eV
Genuine correlations of tripartite system
Giant exchange bias in a single-phase magnet with two magnetic sublattices
Giant magnetocaloric effect in Ho12Co7 compound
Giant magnetocaloric effect in isostructuralMnNiGe-CoNiGe system by establishing a Curie-temperature window
Giant MagnetocaloricEffect in Tm-based Bulk Metallic Glasses
Giant optical activity from the radiative electromagnetic interactions in plasmonic nanoantennas
Ginzburg–Landau-type theory of spin superconductivity
Gold mesoparticles with precisely controlled surface topographies for single-particle surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Goldstone and Higgs modes of photons inside a cavity
Gradual electroforming and memristive switching in Pt/CuOx/Si/Pt systems
Graphene moiré structure grown on a pseudomorphic metal overlayer supported on Ru(0001)
Graphene-MoO2 hierarchical nanoarchitectures: in situ reduction synthesis and high rate cycling performance as lithium-ion battery anodes
Graphene–MoO2 hierarchical nanoarchitectures: in situ reduction synthesis and high rate cycling performance as lithium-ion battery anodes
Ground states, solitons and spin textures in spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensates
Growth and electronic structure of Ag on polar MgO(111) films
Growth of Single Crystal Zinc Oxide Beaded Nanowires
Growth of Sr2CuO3+δ superconductor single crystals at high pressure
Growth, thermal properties and laser operation ofNd:Ca3La2(BO3)4: A new disorderedlaser crystal
Growthand in situ high-pressure reflection high energy electron diffractionmonitoring of oxide thin films
Growthand Structural Properties of Pb Islands on Epitaxial Graphene on Ru(0001)
Growthofnano-andmicrocrystallinesiliconthin films atlowtemperaturebypulsedelectrondeposition
H3.3 actively marks enhancers and primes gene transcription via opening higher-ordered chromatin
H3.3 actively marks enhancers and primes gene transcription via opening higher-ordered chromatin
Hafnium intercalation between epitaxial graphene andIr(111) substrate
Half-metallicity and anisotropy magnetoresistance propertiesof Heusler alloys Fe2Co1xCrxSi
he heterogeneous structure of metallic glasses revealed by superconducting transitions
HiddenT-linear scattering rate in Ba0.6K0.4Fe2As2revealed by optical spectroscopy
High performance MnO thin-film anodes grown byradio-frequency sputtering for lithium ion batteries
High pressure phase transitions and depressurization amorphization of Bi2Fe4O9
High Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Performance of Individual Gold Nanofl owers and Their Application in Live Cell Imaging
High-Density Three-Dimension Graphene Macroscopic Objects for High-Capacity Removal of Heavy Metal Ions
High-efficiency diode-pumped Tm:YAG ceramic laser
Highly efficient core-shell CuInS2-Mn doped CdS quantum dot sensitized solar cells
Highly efficient core-shell CuInS2-Mn doped CdS quantum dotsensitized solar cells.
Highly reversible lithium storage in Si (core)-hollow carbon nanofibers (sheath) nanocomposites
Highly Stretchable, Integrated Supercapacitors Based on Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Films with Continuous Reticulate Architecture
Highly tunable propagating surface plasmonson supported silver nanowires
High-Pressure Synthesis of 5d Cubic Perovskite BaOsO3 at 17 GPa:Ferromagnetic Evolution over 3d to 5d Series
High-resolution photocurrent spectroscopy of the positive trion state in a single quantum dot
High-sensitivity SrTiO3 photodetectors with paralleled multiple interdigital electrode cells
High-speed secure key distribution over an optical network based on computational correlation imaging
High-visibility ghost imaging from artificially generated non-Gaussian intensity fluctuations
Hollow core supported Pt monolayer catalysts for oxygen reduction
Hollow metallic pyramid plasmonic structures fabricated by direct laser writing and electron beam evaporation
Holographic plasmonic lenses for surface plasmons with complex wavefront profile
Hot spots in different metal nanostructures for plasmonenhanced Raman spectroscopy
Hybrid anomalous and planar Nernst effect in permalloy thin films
Hybridmagnetoresistance in the proximity of a ferromagnet
Hydrodynamics of Granular Gases with a Two-Peak Distribution
Hydrogenated K4 carbon: A new stable cubic gauche structure of carbon hydride
Imperfect pitchfork bifurcation in asymmetric two-compartment granular gas
In situ electron holography study of charge distribution in high-k charge-trapping memory
In vitro and in vivo studies on biodegradable CaMgZnSrYb high entropy bulk metallic glass
Indium Tin Oxide Nanowires Grown by One-Step Thermal Evaporation-Deposition Process at Low Temperature
Influence of electric field on magnetic dynamic properties of multiferroicCo2FeAl0.5Si0.5/Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)0.7Ti0.3O3 heterostructure
Influence of particle size on the hydrogenation in La(Fe, Si)13 compounds
Influence of Si doping on the structural and optical properties of InGaN epilayers
Influence of the dynamic lattice strain on the transport behavior of oxideheterojunctions
Influence oforganic layer thickness on structure, magnetic, and transport properties ofLangmuir-Blodgett ttb-CuPc/CoFe
Injection and transport properties of fast electrons in ultraintense laser-solid interactions
In-plane optical spectroscopy study on FeSe epitaxial thin film grown on SrTiO_3 substrate
In-plane optical spectroscopy study on FeSe epitaxial thin film grown on SrTiO3 substrate 
In-plane spin excitation anisotropy in the paramagnetic state of NaFeAs
Insights into the nature of plasmon-driven catalytic reactions revealed by HV-TERS
In-Situ Raman Spectra of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube/Epoxy Nanocomposite Film Under Strain
Insulator-to-metal transition in heavily Ti-doped silicon thin film
Integrating giant microwave absorption with magnetic refrigeration in one multifunctional intermetallic compound of LaFe11.6Si1.4C0.2H1.7
Interaction- and filling-induced quantum anomalous Hall effect in ultracold neutral Bose-Fermi mixtures on a hexagonal lattice
Interaction and local magnetic moments of metal phthalocyanine and tetraphenylporphyrin molecules on noble metal surfaces
Interaction of surface and interface plasmons in extremely thin Al films on Si(111)
Intercalation of metals and silicon at the interfaceof epitaxial graphene and its substrates
Interface-induced superconductivity and strain-dependent spin density waves in FeSe=SrTiO3 thin films
Interlayer catalytic exfoliation realizing scalable production of large-size pristine few-layer graphene
Interspacing dependence of spin-dependent variable range hopping for cold-pressed Fe3O4 nanoparticles
Interspacing dependence of spin-dependent variable range hopping for cold-pressed Fe3O4 nano-particles
Investigation on New CuInS2/Carbon Composite CounterElectrodes for CdS/CdSe Cosensitized Solar Cells
Ion-beam-induced bending of freestanding amorphous nanowires: The importance of the substrate material and charging
Iron-Based Superconductors as Odd-Parity Superconductors
Isolated nanographene crystals for nano-floating gate in charge trapping memory
Kinetic Origin of Divergent Decompression Pathways in Silicon and Germanium
Kondo effect and non-Fermi liquid behavior in metallic glasses containing Yb, Ce and Sm
Kondo effect and non-Fermi liquid behavior in metallic glasses containing Yb, Ce, andSm
Large Linear Magnetoresistance and Shubnikov-de Hass Oscillations in Single Crystals of YPdBi Heusler Topological Insulators
Large magnetocaloric effects of RFeSi (R=Tb and Dy) compounds for magnetic refrigeration in nitrogen and natural gas liquefaction
Large Reversible Magnetocaloric Effect in HoMn2O5
Large reversible magnetocaloric effect in RMn2 (R = Tb, Dy, Ho, Er)compounds
Large reversible magnetocaloric effects in ErFeSi compound under low magnetic field change around liquid hydrogen temperature
Large-scale uniform bilayer graphene prepared by vacuum graphitization of 6H-SiC(0001) substrates
Laser absorption and hot electron temperature scalings in laser–plasma interactions
Laser-induced short-range disorder in aluminum revealed by ultrafast electron diffuse scattering
LiFeP: A nodal superconductor with an unusually large ΔC/Tc
LiNbO3 Nonlinear Photonic Crystal with 12-Fold Rotational Symmetry
Lithium storage in carbon-coated SnO2 by conversion reaction
Lithium storage in perovskite lithium lanthanum titanate
Liu et al.Reply
Local characterization of one-dimensional topologically ordered states
Local photocurrent generation in thin films of the topological insulator Bi2Se3
Low frequency noise analysis and resistance relaxation in Au/SrTiO3/Au for bipolar resistive switching
Low field induced giant magnetocaloric effect in TmGa compound
Low-field induced giant magnetocaloric effect in TmCuAl compound
Low-field induced large reversible magnetocaloric effect in Tm3Co compound
Low-field induced large reversible magnetocaloric effectin Tm3Co compound
Low-field large reversible magnetocaloric effect in the RNi2Si2 (R¼Dy, Ho, Er) compounds
Low-Frequency Noise Characteristics of Zinc-Oxide-Film-Based Photoconductive Detectors
Low-loss light transmission in a rectangularshaped hybrid metal trench at 1550 nm
Low-temperature large magnetocaloric effect in the antiferromagnetic CeSi compound
Low-temperature large magnetocaloric effect in the antiferromagneticErNi0.6Cu0.4Al compound
Low-temperature large reversible magnetocaloric effects of ErNi1-xCuxAl (x = 0.2,0.5, 0.8) intermetallic compounds
Low-temperature reversible giant magnetocaloric effect in the HoCuAl compound
Low-Temperature, Directly Depositing Individual Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Fabrication of Suspended Nanotube Devices
Low-Temperature,Directly Depositing Individual Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Fabricationof Suspended Nanotube Devices
Macroscopic Polarized Emission from Aligned Hybrid Gold Nanorods Embedded in a Polyvinyl Alcohol Film
Magnetic anisotropy in hole-doped superconducting Ba0.67K0.33Fe2As2 probed by polarized inelastic neutron scattering
Magnetic anisotropy of ultrathin Fe films grown on vicinal Si (111)
Magnetic entropy change involving martensitic transition in NiMn-based Heusler alloys
Magnetic phase transition and magnetocaloric effect in Dy12Co7
Magnetic phase transition and magnetocaloric effect in Dy12Co7 compound
Magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effect in the HoNi1xCuxIn(x¼0, 0.1,0.3,0.4)intermetallic compounds
Magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effects in Er3-xGdxCo intermetallic compounds
Magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effects in Er32xGdxCo intermetalliccompounds
Magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effects in NaZn13-typeLa(Fe, Al)13-based compounds
Magnetization reversal asymmetry in [Co/Pt]/CoFe/IrMn multilayers with enhanced perpendicular exchange bias
Magnetocaloric effect and martensitic transition in Ni50Mn36-xCoxSn14
Magnetoelectric coupling in the paramagnetic state of a metal-organic framework
Manipulating the Kinetics of Seeded Growth for Edge-Selective Metal Deposition and the Formation of Concave Au Nanocrystals
Measurements of the fluctuation-induced in-plane magnetoconductivity at high reduced temperatures and magnetic fields in the iron arsenide BaFe2-xNixAs2
Mechanism study on oxygen vacancy induced resistance switching in Au/LaMnO3/SrNb0.01Ti0.99O3
Mesoporous Cobalt Molybdenum Nitride: A Highly Active Bifunctional Electrocatalyst and Its Application in Lithium-O-2 Batteries
Mesoporous NiCo2O4 nanoflakes as electrocatalysts for rechargeable Li-O-2 batteries
Metal-insulatortransition in three-band Hubbard model with strong spin-orbit interaction
Metallic Glassy Fibers
Metallic nanowires for subwavelength waveguiding and nanophotonic devices
Metal–Organic Frameworks Capable of Healing at Low Temperatures
Metal-Organic Frameworks Reactivate Deceased Diatoms to be Effi cient CO2 Absorbents
Micro mold filling kinetics of metallic glasses in supercooled liquid state
Microscopic and macroscopic manipulation of gold nanorod and its hybrid nanostructures [Invited]
Microscopic insight into surface wetting: Relations between interfacial water structure and the underlying lattice constant
Microstructural properties of K0.8Fe1.6S2, K0.8Fe1.75Se2−ySy(0 ≤ y ≤ 2) and K0.8Fe1.5+xS2 (0 < x ≤ 0.5) single crystals
Microwave Properties of BaFe2-xNixAs2Superconducting Single Crystals
Minimization of thermodynamic costs in cancer invasion
Misfit-layered compound PbTiS3 with incommensurate modulation: Transmission electron microscopy analysis and transport properties
Model of ribosome translation and mRNA unwinding
Modeling charge recombination in dye-sensitized solar cells using first-principles electron dynamics: effects of structural modification
Modulation of Fermivelocities of Dirac electrons in single layer graphene by moiré superlattice
Moire beatings in graphene on Ru(0001)
Molecular beam epitaxy and superconductivity of stoichiometric FeSe and KxFe2−xSe2 crystalline films
Molecular beam epitaxy growth of peak wavelength-controlled InGaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells for 4.3-μm mid-wavelength infrared detection
Molybdenum Nitride/N-Doped Carbon Nanospheres for Lithium-O-2 Battery Cathode Electrocatalyst
Monogamy deficit for quantum correlations in a multipartite quantum system
Multiferroics and magnetoelectriceffects in charge ordered compounds (Review)
Multifunctional multisegmented Co-CoPt3 Heterostructure Nanowires
Multi-layer laminated Pd-based metallic glass with enhanced plasticity
Multiple second-harmonic waves in a nonlinear photonic crystal with fractal structure
Nanoparticles charge response from electrostatic force microscopy
Nanophotonic Boolean logic in metal nanowire networks
Nanopillar array with a λ/11 diameter fabricated by a kind of visible CW laser direct lithography system
Near-field optical observations of surface plasmon wave interference at subwavelength hole arrays perforated in Au film
Nearly Constant Electrical Resistanceover Large Temperature Range inCu3NMx (M =Cu, Ag, Au) Compounds
Nernst Effect: Evidence of Local Kondo Scattering in Heavy Fermions
New Carbon Allotropes with Helical Chains of Complementary Chirality Connected by Ethene-type p-Conjugation
New diluted ferromagnetic semiconductor with Curie temperature up to 180 K and isostructural to the ‘122’ iron-based superconductors
New Layered Iron Sulfide NaFe1.6S2: Synthesis and Characterization
New progress of plasmonics in  complex metal nanostructures
New quantum matters: Build up versus high pressure tuning
Nitridated mesoporous Li4Ti5O12 spheres for high-rate lithium-ion batteries anode material
NMRand NQR Studies on Non-centrosymmetric Superconductors Re7B3,LaBiPt, and BiPd
Nodeless superconductivity in Ir1-xPtxTe2 with strong spin-orbital coupling
Noise-resilient quantum evolution steered by dynamical decoupling
Noncompeting Channel Approach to Pair Creation in Supercritical Fields
Non-Markovian dynamics in a spin star system: the failure of thermalisation
Non-monotonic Size Change of Monodisperse Fe3O4 Nanoparticles in the Scale-up Synthesis, Nanoscale
Non-uniform magnetization reversal in nanocomposite magnets
Normal-state properties of spin-orbit-coupled Fermi gases in the upper branch of the energy spectrum
Note: A new angle-resolved proton energy spectrometer
Notes on teleportation in an expanding space
Novel tandem structure employing mesh-structured Cu2S counterelectrode for enhanced performance of quantum dot-sensitized solar cells
Nucleation of reversed domain and pinning effect on domain wall motion in nanocomposite magnets
Observation of a possible superconducting gap in silicene on Ag(111) surface
Observation of Dirac Cone Warping and Chirality Effects in Silicene
Observation of superconductivity and anomalous electrical resistivity in single-crystal Ir3Te8
Observation of symmetrically decay ofA1(longitudinal optical) mode infree-standing GaN bulk single crystal from Li3N flux method
Observation of the defect states in individual Co-doped ZnO dilute magnetic semiconducting nanostructures by electron energy-loss spectroscopy
Off-Diagonal Bethe Ansatz and Exact Solution of a Topological Spin Ring
Off-diagonal Bethe ansatz solution of the XXX spin chain with arbitrary boundary conditions
Off-diagonal Bethe ansatz solutions of the anisotropic spin-1/2chains with arbitrary boundary fields
One-dimensional manganese oxide nanostructures as radicalscavenger to improve membrane electrolyte assembly durabilityof proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Optical and Electrical Performance of HfO2 Coated ZnO Nanorod Arrays
Optical interferometric logic gates based on metal slot waveguide network realizing whole fundamental logic operations
Optical modulation of terahertz behavior in silicon with structured surfaces
Optical properties of single coupledplasmonic nanoparticles
Optical tweezers technique and its applications
Optically Powered ZnO Nanowires with Symmetric and Asymmetric Contacts
Optimal transfer of an unknown state via a bipartite quantum operation
Optomechanics with interacting Fermi gases: a new approach to detecting spin-charge separation in one-dimensional ultracold atom systems
Ordered-current state of electrons in bilayer graphene
Origin of Different Growth Modes for Epitaxial Manganite Film
Origin of Intermittent Plastic Flow and Instability of Shear Band Sliding in Bulk Metallic Glasses
Origin of recoil hysteresis in nanocomposite Pr8Fe87B5 magnets
Origin of Shape Resonance in Second-Harmonic Generation from Metallic Nanohole Arrays
Oxaliplatin and Its Enantiomer Induce Different Condensation Dynamics of Single DNA Molecules
Oxygen polarity and interfacial atomic arrangement in an MgxZn1-xO/C-MgO/sapphire heterostructure
Oxygen   polarity and interfacial atomic arrangement in an MgxZn1-xO/C-MgO/sapphire   heterostructure
Oxygen-vacancy ordering in multiferroic Bi1−xCaxFeO3−x/2 (0.1≤x≤0.5)
Oxygen-Vacancy-Induced Antiferromagnetism to Ferromagnetism Transformation in Eu0.5Ba0.5TiO3d Multiferroic Thin Films
Pair creation for bosons in electric and magnetic fields
Panchromatic Quantum-Dot-Sensitized Solar Cells Based on a Parallel Tandem Structure
Parallel field magnetoresistance in topological insulator thin films
Parallel fieldmagnetoresistance in topological insulator thin films
Paramagnetic spin excitations in insulating Rb0.8Fe1.6Se2
Partial Order in Potts Models on the Generalized Decorated Square Lattice
Particle simulation of filamentary structure formation in dielectric barrier discharge
Particle simulation of mode transition in dielectric barrier discharges at different gas pressures
Particle-hole bound states of dipolar molecules in an optical lattice
Perovskite Sr1−xCexCoO3−δ(0.05≤x≤0.15)as Superior Cathodes forIntermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Persistent high-energy spin excitations in iron pnictide superconductors
Persistent high-energy spin excitations in iron-pnictide superconductors 
Persistent high-energy spin excitations in iron-pnictide superconductors
Persistent high-energy spinexcitations in iron-pnictide superconductors
Phase diagram and electronic indication of high-temperature superconductivity at 65 K in single-layer FeSe films
Phase diagram and electronic indication ofhigh-temperature superconductivity at65 K in single-layer FeSe films
Phase diagram,ferromagneticmartensitictransformationand magnetoresponsivepropertiesofFe-doped MnCoGealloys
Phase engineering, modulational instability, and solitons of Gross–Pitaevskii-type equations in 1+1 dimensions
Phase stability, magnetism and generalized electron-filling rule of vanadium-based inverse Heusler compounds
Phase transitions in nanoparticles of BaTiO3 as functions of temperature and pressure
Phonons in two-dimensional colloidal crystals with bond-strength disorder
Phonons in two-dimensional soft colloidal crystals
Photoelectronic behaviors of bilayer ultrathin films manganite-basedheterojunctions
Physical design of target station and neutron instruments for  China Spallation Neutron Source 
Piezoresponse Force Microscopy Study of Ferroelectric BaTiO3 Thin Film Directly Deposited on Si(001) by Magnetron Sputtering
Plasmonic Amplification with Ultra-High Optical Gain at Room Temperature
Plasmonic Scissors for Molecular Design
Polypyrrole–NiO composite as high-performance lithium storagematerial
PossibleKondo Physics near a Metal-Insulator Crossover in the A-SiteOrdered Perovskite CaCu3Ir4O12
Potential energy profile of colloidal nanoparticles in optical confinement
Prediction of a new two-dimensional metallic carbon allotrope
Prediction of topological insulating behavior in inverse Heusler compounds from first principles
Preparation and characterization of LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4-delta thin films taking advantage of correlations with powder samples behavior
Preparing three-dimensional graphene architectures: Review of recent developments
Pressure dependence of the superconducting transition temperature of the filled skutterudite YFe4P12
Pressure induced phase transitions in single-crystalline Cu4Bi4S9 nanoribbons
Pressure-decoupled magnetic and structural transitions of the parent compound of iron-based 122 superconductors BaFe2As2
Pressure-Induced Phase Transitions and Correlation between Structure and Superconductivity in Iron-Based Superconductor Ce(O0.84F0.16)FeAs
Pressure-induced phase transitions in single-crystalline Cu4Bi4S9 nanoribbons
Probing ferromagnetic/ferroelectric interfaces via spin wave resonance
Probing the laser wakefield in underdense plasmas by induced terahertz emission
Programming HierarchicalSupramolecular Nanostructures by Molecular Design
Promising ferrimagnetic double perovskite oxides towards high spin polarization at high temperature
Propagation of a short-pulse laser-driven electron beam in matter
Propagation of a short-pulse laser-driven electron beam in matter, Physics of Plasmas
Propagation of terahertz waves in one-dimensional metallic wire arrays
Protection of center-spin coherence by dynamically polarizing nuclear spin core in diamond
Protocol based on compressed sensing for high-speed authentication and cryptographic key distribution over a multiparty optical network
Pt Magnetic Polarization on Y3Fe5O12 and Magnetotransport Characteristics
Quantitative analysis of the flexibility effect of cisplatin on circular DNA
Quantized Water Transport: Ideal Desalination through Graphyne-4 Membrane.
Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect and Tunable Topological States in 3d Transition Metals Doped Silicene
Quantum correlating power of local quantum channels
Quantum criticality in electron-doped BaFe2−xNixAs2
Quantum dynamics in driven sawtooth lattice under uniform magnetic field
Quantum error-correcting codes over mixed alphabets
Quantum Monte Carlo Study of a Dominants-Wave Pairing Symmetry in Iron-Based Superconductors
Quantum-coupled radial-breathing oscillations in double-walled carbon nanotubes
Quasimonoenergetic proton bunches generation from doped foil targets irradiated by intense lasers
Quinoid conjugated dye designed for efficient sensitizer in dye sensitized solar cells
Radial Hilbert transform with the spatially variable half-wave plate
Rational design of Au–NiO hierarchical structures with enhanced rate performance for supercapacitors
Realization of W-MgZnO epitaxial growth on BeO-buffered ZnO for UV-B photodetectors
Real-time in situ TEM studying the fading mechanism of tin dioxide nanowire electrodes in lithium ion batteries
Recent development of studies on the mechanism of resistive memories in several metal oxides
Recent Progress in Ferroelectric Diodes: Explorations in Switchable Diode Effect
Recombination in SnO2-Based Quantum Dots Sensitized Solar Cells: The Role of Surface States
Recombination in SnO2-Based Quantum Dots SensitizedSolar Cells: The Role of Surface States
Reconstructions on SrTiO3(111) surface tuned by Ti/Sr deposition
Reduced graphene oxide film as a shuttle-inhibiting interlayerin a lithiumesulfur batterypolypyrrole
Reduced linewidth multipolar plasmon resonances in metal nanorods and related applications
Relationship between neighbor number and vibrational spectrain disordered colloidal clusters with attractive interactions
Remote-Excitation Time-Dependent Surface Catalysis ReactionUsing Plasmonic Waveguide on Sites o f Single-Crystalline Crossed Nanowires
Renormalization-group analysis of p-orbital Bose-Einstein condensates in a square optical lattice
Resolving exciton diffusion in InGaAs quantum wells using micro-photoluminescence mapping with a lateral excitation
Resolving exciton diffusion in InGaAs quantum wells using micro-photoluminescence mapping with a lateral excitation
Resonant phase escape in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ surface intrinsic Josephson junctions
Resonant phase escape in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+ surface intrinsic Josephson junctions
Resonant stimulated Raman gain and loss spectroscopy in Rb atomic vapor
Reversible single spin control of individual magneticmolecule by hydrogen atom adsorption
Review on graphene-based strain sensors
Ring  formation from a drying sessile colloidal droplet
Robust synthesis of gold rhombic dodecahedra with well-controlled sizes and their optical properties
Role of covalent hybridization in the martensitic structure and magnetic properties of shape-memory alloys: The case of Ni50Mn5+xGa35-xCu10
Role of intensity fluctuations in third-order correlation double-slit interference of thermal light
Room temperature multiferroicity in Bi4.2K0.8Fe2O9+δ
Room-temperature quantum cloning machine with full coherent phase control in nanodiamond
Room-Temperature Quantum Cloning Machine with Full Coherent Phase Control in Nanodiamond
Room-temperature stationary sodium-ion batteries for large-scale electric energy storage
Rydberg Polaritons in a Cavity: A Superradiant Solid
Safety Evaluation of Femtosecond Lentotomy on the Porcine Lensby Optical Measurement with 50-FemtosecondLaser Pulses
Scalable synthesis of pyrrolic N-doped graphene by atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition and its terahertz response
Scale-up synthesis, Structure Characterization and Electrochemical Characteristics of C-LiFePO4 Nanocomposites for Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries
Scaling of the anomalous Hall effect in perpendicular CoFeB/Pt multilayers
Scanning tunneling microscopy study of molecular growthstructures of Gd@C82 on Cu(111)
Scanning tunneling microscopy study of the superconducting properties of three-atomic-layer Pb films
Scientific Reports
Scientists of the world speak up for equality: Equalize the retirement age
Secondary electron imaging of nanostructures using Extreme Ultra-Violet attosecond pulse trains and Infra-Red femtosecond pulses
Seed-Mediated Synthesis of Single-Crystal Gold Nanospheres with Controlled Diameters in the Range 5–30 nm and their Self-Assembly upon Dilution
Selective nano-emitter fabricated by silver assisted chemical etch-back for multicrystalline solar cells
Selectiveadsorption of metal-phthalocyanine on Au (111) surface with hydrogen atoms
Self-assembled mesoporous carbon sensitized with ceriananoparticles as durable catalyst support for PEM fuel cell
Self-Assembly of Graphene on Carbon Nanotube Surfaces
Self-referenced sensing based on terahertz metamaterial for aqueous solutions
Self-referenced sensing based on terahertz metamaterial for aqueous solutionssolutions
Sensing self-assembled alkanethiols by differential transmission interrogation with terahertz metamaterials
Sensing self-assembled alkanethiols by differential transmission interrogation with terahertz metamaterials
Shockwaves and filaments induced by counter-streaming laserproduced Plasmas
Significant disorder-induced enhancement of the magnetization of Fe2CrGa by ball milling
Simultaneous Excitation and Emission Enhancement of Fluorescence Assisted by Double Plasmon Modes of Gold Nanorods
Simultaneous Excitation and Emission Enhancement of Fluorescence Assisted by Double Plasmon Modes of Gold Nanorods
Single-photon generation by pulsed laser in optomechanical system via photon blockade effect
Single-step in-situ preparation of thin film electrolyte forquasi-solid state quantum dot-sensitized solar cells
Size-controlled synthesis and morphology evolution of bismuth trifluoride nanocrystals via a novel solvent extraction route
Size-selective self-assembly of magnetic Mn nanoclusters on Si(111)
Small and nearly isotropic hole-like Fermi surfaces in LiFeAs detected through de Haas–van Alphen effect
Spaser in plasmonic nano-antenna evaluated by an analytical theory
SpectroscopicCharacteristics and Laser Performance of Nd:Y1.8La0.2O3Transparent Ceramics
Spectroscopy and coherent manipulation of single and coupled flux qubits
Spin Excitation Anisotropy as a Probe of Orbital Ordering in the Paramagnetic Tetragonal Phase of Superconducting BaFe1.904Ni0.096As2
Spin Excitation Anisotropy as a Probe of Orbital Ordering in the ParamagneticTetragonal Phase of Superconducting BaFe1:904Ni0:096As2
Spin-based effects and transport properties of a spin-orbit-coupled hexagonal optical lattice
Splitting Process of Na-Birnessite Nanosheet via Transmission Electron Microscopy
Spontaneous emission of two quantum dots in a single-mode cavity
Spontaneous Structural Distortion and Quasi-One-Dimensional Quantum Confinement in a Single-Phase Compound
Spontaneous symmetry breaking and dynamic phase transition in monolayer silicene
Stability of a two-dimensional homogeneous spin-orbit-coupled boson system
Stain Tuning of Optical Emission Energy and Polarization in monolayer and bilayer MoS2
Strain relaxation and Sn segregation in GeSn epilayers under thermal treatment
Strain tuning of optical emission energy and polarization in monolayer and bilayer MoS2
Strain-Induced Defect Superstructure on the SrTiO3 (110) Surface
Strain-Induced Defect Superstructure on the SrTiO3(110) Surface
Strain-Sensitive Current-Voltage Characteristics of ZnSe Nanowire in Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Nanostructure
Strength softening at shearbands in metallic glasses
Stress-versus temperature-induced structural evolution in metallic glasses
Strong anisotropy in the electromagnetic properties of Na2Ti2X2O (X = As, Sb) crystals
Strong localization across the metal-insulator transition at the Ag/Si(111)-(√3 ×√3 )R30° interface
Strong Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy with High Thermal Stability in Annealed Co/Native Oxide/Pd Multilayers
Strong-coupling superconductivity in NaFe1?xCoxAs: Validity of Eliashberg theory
Strong-coupling superconductivity in NaFe1−xCoxAs: Validity of Eliashberg theory
Strongly momentum-dependent screening dynamics in La0.5Sr1.5MnO4 observed with resonant inelastic x-ray scattering 
Structural and optical properties of tungsten-doped vanadiumdioxide films
Structural phase transition in IrTe_2: A combined study of optical spectroscopy and band structure calculations
Structural stability and Raman scattering of CoPt and NiPt hollow nanospheres under high pressure
Structure and magneticproperties of Fe2NiZ (Z=Al, Ga,Si and Ge)Heusler alloys
Structure evolution and entropy change of temperature and magneticfield induced magneto-structural transition in Mn1.1Fe0.9P0.76Ge0.24
Structure of epitaxial L10-FePt/MgO perpendicular magnetic tunnel junctions
Structure of Li4B2O5: High-temperature monoclinic and low-temperatureorthorhombic forms
Structure, magnetism, and magnetic compensation behavior of Co50-xMn25Ga251x and Co50-xMn251xGa25 Heusler alloys
Structure-property relation in all-organic dye sensitized solar cells
Study of sintered Nd-Fe-B magnet with high performance of Hcj (kOe) + (BH)max (MGOe) > 75
Study on signal intensity of low field nuclear magnetic resonance via an indirect coupling measurement
Successive, Seed-Mediated Growth for the Synthesis of Single-Crystal Gold Nanospheres with Uniform Diameters Controlled in the Range of 5–150 nm
Sulfur in hierarchically pore-structured carbon pillars as cathodematerial for lithium–sulfur batteries
Superadditivity of quantum-correlating power
Superconducting energy gap versus pseudogap in hole-doped cuprates as revealed by infrared spectroscopy
Superconducting Phases in Potassium-Intercalated Iron Selenides
Superconducting properties of LiFe1-xCuxAs single crystals
Superconductivity in Ca-intercalated epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide
Superconductivity in copper intercalated topological compound CuxBi2Te3 induced via high pressure
Superconductivity in Tetragonal LaPt2-xGe2+x
Superconductivity in Topological Insulator Sb2Te3 Induced by Pressure
Superconductivity in Topological InsulatorSb2Te3 Induced by Pressure
Superconductivity of the topological insulator Bi2Se3 at high pressure
Superior Electrochemical Performance and Storage Mechanism of Na3V2(PO4)3 Cathode for Room-Temperature Sodium-Ion Batteries
Superior Electrochemical Performance and Storage Mechanism of Na3V2(PO4)3 Cathode for Room-Temperature Sodium-Ion Batteries
Super-stretchable,Transparent Carbon Nanotube-Based Capacitive Strain Sensors for Human Motion Detection
Suppression of nonradiative recombination in ionic insulators by defects: Role of fast electron trapping in Tl-doped CsI
Surface activity of antiperovskite manganese nitrides
Surface and bulk electronic structure of the strongly correlated system SmB6 and implications for a topological Kondo insulator 
Surface electronic inhomogeneity of the (001)-SrTiO3:Nb crystal with aterrace-structured morphology
Surface electronic structure and morphology of silver on iron oxide films
Surface enhanced fluorescence and Raman scattering by gold nanoparticle dimers and trimers
Surface modification effect on photoluminescence of individual ZnO nanorods with different diameters
Surface modification of Li1.2Mn0.54Co0.13Ni0.13O2 with conductingpolypyrrole
Surface plasmon enhanced differential reflectance technique for ultra-thin film monitoring
Surface-migration driving uniform amorphous shell oncrystalline nanowire: the case of SiC/SiOxcore–shellnanowires
Symmetry breaking induced anti-resonance in three dimensional subdiffraction semiconducting grating
Synthesis and Characterization of NiO Nanowire/In2O3Nanoparticle Heterostructures
Synthesis and Electrochemical Performance of Graphene-like WS2
Synthesis and Properties of Charge-Ordered Thallium Halide Perovskites CsTlX3 (X = F or Cl): Theoretical Precursors for Superconductivity?
Synthesis And Structural Stability of BiRhO3 at High Pressure
Synthesis of micrometer-size poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) microgelparticles with homogeneous crosslinker density and diameter control
Synthesis of Mo2N nanolayer coated MoO2hollownanostructures as high-performance anode materialsfor lithium-ion batteries
Synthesis of nitrogen-doped single-walled carbon nanotubes and monitoring of doping by Raman spectroscopy
Synthesis of Pt nanoparticles anchored on grapheneencapsulated Fe3O4 magnetic nanospheres and their use ascatalysts for methanol oxidation
Synthesis, structural and physical properties of ScMn2O4
Temperature dependent electric field control of the electron spin relaxation in (111)A GaAs quantum wells
Temperature- and Magnetic-Field-Induced Change of Electric Polarizationin a Multiferroic Mn0:93Co0:07W0:93O4 Single Crystal
Temperature and pressure effects of multiferroic Bi2NiTiO6 compound
Temperature Dependent Resistance of As-Grown and Chemical Treated Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes Films
Temperature diagnostic using photonuclear reactions for hot electrons in laser-plasma interactions
Temperature-Induced Plasma Frequency Shift in Bi2Te3 and CuxBi2Se3
Template-directed assembly of pentacene molecules onepitaxial graphene on Ru(0001)
Terahertz emission from semi-insulating GaAs with octadecanthiol-passivated surface
Terahertz radiation by two-color lasers due to the field ionization of gases
Terracelike structure in the above-threshold-ionization spectrum of anatom in an IR+XUV two-color laserfield
The anomalous Hall effect in the perpendicular Ta/CoFeB/MgO thin films
The Cyclophilin CYP20-2 Modulates the Conformation ofBRASSINAZOLE-RESISTANT1, Which Binds the Promoterof FLOWERING LOCUS D to Regulate Floweringin ArabidopsisW
The dependence of shear modulus on dynamic relaxation and evolution of local structural heterogeneity in a metallic glass
The effect of  polarization fatigue process and light illumination on the transport behavior of Bi0.9La0.1FeO3 sandwiched capacitor
The Effect of an Incident Electron Beam on the I-V Characteristics of a Au-ZnSe Nanowire-Au Nanostructure
The Euler number of Bloch states manifold and the quantum phases in gapped fermionic systems
The Influence of Graded AlGaN Buffer Thickness for Crack-Free GaN on Si(111) Substrates by using MOCVD
The influence of target material and thickness on proton energy and angular distribution
The insulator-to-metal transition of Co hyperdoped crystalline silicon
The mechanism of the maximum photovoltage in perovskite oxide heterostructures with the critical thickness
The Mott State and Superconductivity in Face-Centred Cubic Structured Cs3C60:A 133Cs-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study under Pressure
The Multiferroic Properties of Bi (Fe1/2Cr1/2)O3 Compound
The multiferroic properties of Bi(Fe1/2Cr1/2)O3 Compound
The Origin ofHalf-Metallicity in Conjugated Electron System-a Study on Transition MetalDoped Graphyne
The oxygen vacancy effect on the magnetic property of the LaMnO3−δ thin films
The photocurrent of resonant tunneling diode controlled by the charging effects of quantum dots
The preparation and antiferromagnetic properties of epitaxial rocksalt-type CoN films
The properties of gold nanospheres studied with dark field optical trapping
The radiation assessment for the maintenance scenarios of CSNS inner reflector plug
The reduction and oxidation of Fe2O3(0001) surface investigated by scanning tunneling microscopy
The study of open circuit voltage in Ag/Bi0.9La0.1FeO3 /La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 heterojunction structure
The synthesis and characterization of 1111-type diluted magnetic semiconductors (La1-xSrx)(Zn1-xTMx)AsO (TM = Mn, Fe, Co)
The β relaxation in metallic glasses: an overview
Thermal activation of magnetization in Pr2Fe14B ribbons
Thermally induced shape modification of free-standing nanostructures for advanced functionalities
Thermally Induced Shape Modification ofFree-standing Nanostructures for Advanced Functionalities
Thin Films of Magnetically Doped Topological Insulator with Carrier-Independent Long-Range Ferromagnetic Order
Thin Films of Magnetically Doped Topological Insulatorwith Carrier-Independent Long-Range Ferromagnetic Order
Three dimensional force detection of gold nanoparticles using backscattered light detection
Three-Dimensional (3D) Bicontinuous Au/Amorphous-Ge Thin Films as Fast and High-Capacity Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Three-Dimensional Anisotropic Fluctuation Diamagnetism Around the Superconducting Transition of Ba1−xKxFe2As2 Single Crystals in the Finite-Field (or Prange) Regime
Three-Dimensional Hierarchical Architectures Constructed by Graphene/MoS2 Nanoflake Arrays and Their Rapid Charging/Discharging Properties as Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes
Three-dimensional metal-intercalated covalent organic frameworks for near-ambient energy storage
Three-dimensional nanostructures by focused ion beam techniques: Fabrication and characterization
Three-dimensional nanostructures by focused-ion-beam techniques: Fabrication and chracterization
Three-dimensionalDirac semimetal and quantum transport in Cd3As2
Time-correspondence differential ghost imaging
Time-dependent magnetoelectric effect in Fe/Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)0.7Ti0.3O3 heterostructure: a ferromagnetic resonance study
Time-resolved photoluminescence from Si-in-SiNx/Si-in-SiC quantumwell-dot structures
TiO2/CdS composite hollow spheres with controlledsynthesis of platinum on the internal wall for theefficient hydrogen evolution
Tip-Enhanced Resonance Couplings Revealed by High Vacuum Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Tip-Enhanced Ultrasensitive Stokes and Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy in High Vacuum
Topological charge pumpingin a one-dimensional optical lattice
Topological insulators with unexpectedly HgTe-like band inversion in hexagonal wurtzite-type binary compounds
Topological Mott insulators of ultracold atomic mixtures induced by interactions in one-dimensional optical superlattices
Topological Quantum Phase Transition in Synthetic Non-Abelian Gauge Potential: Gauge Invariance and Experimental Detections
Topological Superconductor to Anderson Localization Transition in One-Dimensional Incommensurate Lattices
Topology-Driven Magnetic Quantum Phase Transition in Topological Insulators
Towards intrinsic magnetism of graphenesheets with irregular zigzag edges
Towards moreuniformdeformationinmetallicglasses:Therole of Poisson’sratio
Transiently suppressed relaxations in metallic glass
Translocation dynamics of tRNA–mRNA in the ribosome
Transplatin enhances effect of cisplatin on both single DNA molecules and live tumor cells
True random number generator based on discretized encoding of the time interval between photons
Tunable Band Topology Reflected by Fractional Quantum Hall States in Two-Dimensional Lattices
Tunable Band Topology Reflected by Fractional Quantum Hall States in Two-Dimensional Lattices
Tunable Dirac Fermion Dynamics inTopological Insulators
Tunable Electroluminescence in Planar Graphene/SiO 2Memristors
Tunable Electroluminescence in Planar Graphene/SiO2 Memristors
Tunable femtosecond laser in the visiblerange with an intracavity frequency-doubledoptical parametric oscillator
Tunable magnetoplasmons for efficient terahertz modulator and isolator by gated monolayer graphene
Tunable photoresponse of epitaxial graphene on SiC
Tunable single-photon frequency conversion in a Sagnac interferometer
Tuning magnetic anisotropies of Fe ultrathin films on Si(111) substrate via direction variation of heating current
Tuning the Jeff = 12 insulating state via electron doping and pressure in the double-layered iridate Sr3Ir2O7
Two-Dimensional Transition Metal Honeycomb Realized:Hf on Ir(111)
Ultracompact linear on-chip silicon optical logic gates with phase insensitivity
Ultrafast demagnetization enhancement in CoFeB/MgO/CoFeB magnetic tunneling junction driven by spin tunneling current, Sci. Rep. 3, 2883
Ultrafast quasiparticle dynamics in spin-density-wave LaOFeAs single crystal
Ultra-Low-Field MRI and Spin-Lattice Relaxation Time of 1H in the Presence of Fe3O4 Magnetic Nano-Particles Detected With a High-TC DC-SQUID
Unbounded quantum Fisher information in two-path interferometry with finite photon number
Unbounded quantum Fisher information in two-path interferometry with finite photon number
Unconventional scaling of the anomalous Hall effect accompanying electron localization correction in the dirty regime
Understanding Liquid–Solid-Like Behavior of Tetrahydrofuran Adlayers at Room Temperature between Graphene and Mica: A Born–Oppenheimer Molecular Dynamics Study
Uniaxial pressure effect on structural and magnetic phase transitions in NaFeAs and its comparison with as-grown and annealed BaFe2As2
Unique electrical properties of nanostructured diamond cones
Upper bound and shareability of quantum discord based on entropic uncertainty relations
Upper-limit power for self-guided propagation of intense lasers in underdense plasma
Visualizing the atomic-scale electronic structure of the Ca2CuO2Cl2 Mott insulator
Vortex chain in anisotropic spin-orbit-coupled spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensates
Water Dissociation on Magnetite (001) Films
Weak ferromagnetism with the Kondo screening effect in the Kondo lattice systems
Wigner crystal versus fermionization for one-dimensional Hubbard models with and without long-range interactions
X-ray source produced by laser solid target interaction at kHz repetition rate
Zitterbewegung effect in spin-orbit-coupled spin-1 ultracold atoms
ZnO nanoparticle based highly efficientCdS/CdSe quantum dot-sensitized solar cells.
ZnO-template-mediated synthesis of three-dimensional coral-like MnO2 nanostructure for supercapacitors
高功率532 nm千赫兹皮秒激光放大器
全内反射瞬逝场照明高精度磁镊及其在DNA 解旋酶研究中的应用