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{ A Triphenylamine-Containing Donor-Acceptor Molecule for Stable, Reversible, Ultrahigh Density Data Storage 12.25
{ Quantum Theory of Orbital Magnetization and Its Generalization to Interacting Systems  11.14
{ Edge Solitons of Topological Insulators and Fractionalized Quasiparticles in Two Dimensions  11.14
{ A Surface-Tailored, Purely Electronic, Mott Metal-to-Insulator Transition  11.11
{ Quantum Magnetic Dynamics of Polarized Light in Arrays of Microcavities  11.06
{ Anomalous Metallic State of Cu0.07TiSe2: An Optical Spectroscopy Study 10.18
{ Observation of Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling in a Single Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ Surface Intrinsic Josephson Junction  10.15
{ Active mechanical noise cancellation scanning tunneling microscope  10.08
{ Quantum spin correlations through the superconducting-to-normal phase transition in electron-doped superconducting Pr0.88LaCe0.12CuO4-δ  09.30
{ Self-Assembly of Highly Oriented Lamellar Nanoparticle-Phospholipid Nanocomposites on Solid Surfaces  09.17
{ Site-Specific Kondo Effect at Ambient Temperatures in Iron-Based Molecules  09.07
{ Correlation of Atomic Cluster Symmetry and Glass-Forming Ability of Metallic Glass 09.04
{ Surface-Plasmon-Polariton Assisted Diffraction in Periodic Subwavelength Holes of Metal Films with Reduced Interplane Coupling  08.16
{ Multiwall Boron Carbonitride/Carbon Nanotube Junction and Its Rectification Behavior  08.09
{ Semimetal-to-Semimetal Charge DensityWave Transition in 1T-TiSe2  07.16
{ Emergence of Fermi Pockets in a New Excitonic Charge-Density-Wave Melted Superconductor  07.16
{ Charge-Stripe Order in the Electronic Ferroelectric LuFe2O4   06.20
{ Nanoscale Periodic Morphologies on the Fracture Surface of Brittle Metallic Glasses  06.06
{ End and Central Plasmon Resonances in Linear Atomic Chains  06.05
{ Experimental observation of quantum oscillation of surface chemical reactivities 06.05
{ Persistent Spin Current in a Mesoscopic Hybrid Ring with Spin-Orbit Coupling  05.15
{ Observation of Structural and Conductance Transition of Rotaxane Molecules at a Submolecular Scale 04.24
{ Reversible, Erasable, and Rewritable Nanorecording on an H2 Rotaxane Thin Film 04.24
{ Mechanistic Studies on the Galvanic Replacement Reaction between Multiply Twinned Particles of Ag and HAuCl4 in an Organic Medium 04.18
{ Synthesis and optical properties of silver nanobars 04.18
{ The SERS Activity of a Supported Ag Nanocube Strongly Depends on Its Orientation Relative to Laser Polarization 04.18
{ Super Plastic Bulk Metallic Glasses at Room Temperature 03.09
{ Quantum Size Effect on Adatom Surface Diffusion 01.15